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Beaches of Mauritius

Mauritius, a beautiful island in the midst of Indian Ocean, is prime tourist attraction with tourists from all over the world converging in this paradise island. Mauritius-the land of surf and sun has plenty to offer to tourists. Primarily a beach escape destination, Mauritius is also pretty well known for its wide range of water sport activities that keep the tourists busy and entertained during their vacation in Mauritius.
Discover the wonderful tropical underwater scenery and the multicolored marine flora and fauna of Mauritius by indulging in the various water sport activities of Mauritius. The water sports of Mauritius are extremely thrilling and adventurous.

Mauritius has always been renowned for its emerald green beaches are inseparable part of the country's landscape. The beaches of incomparable and exquisite beauty provide a perfect opportunity for people to frolic in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and also give a free rein to their adventurous spirit. Tourists have a whale of a time snorkeling, scuba diving, going on glass bottom boat cruises and indulging in various other water sport activities like kayaking and water skiing. The beaches of Mauritius are like mini heavens on Earth

Some of the beautiful and often visited beaches of Mauritius are the Blue Bay that is a very popular long beach with white sand and crystal-clear ice blue water that is most suited for sailing, surfing and snorkeling and the Péreybère beach that is popular with tourists and Mauritians alike for its delightful little cove that is one of the best bathing places on the whole island.

The northern coastline of Grand Baie is one long stretch that is replete with numerous delightful beaches and spots for safe bathing, sailing, windsurfing and water skiing. It is the prime centre for water sport activities in Mauritius and also has lots of shops and restaurants.
The Trou-aux-Biches is an ideal beach for youngsters as the water level isn't much deep and also one of the fascinating beaches where tourists can sees the stunning coral reefs and exotic fishes.

The fishing village of Cape Malheureux and the small island of Cerfs are also tourist favorites. Other Mauritian Beaches include Mont Choisy, Roches Noires, Belle Mare, Palmar, Trou d'Eau Douce and Flic-en-Flac.

Mauritius island cruises
Sailing leisurely through the lagoon on the one and a half hour voyage along the east coast of Mauritius is a delightful experience.
The 42 foot long catamaran operated by a variety of cruise companies leaves the jetty at Pointe d'Esny at Mahebourg at 9.30am daily with up to 30 passengers making use of the expansive deck space for sunbathing.
You enjoy the tranquil scenery where villages nestle under towering peaks and small fishing boats cross your route through the translucent sea. Your destination is L'ile aux Cerfs, the largest of a group of islands half way down the east coast which, for many years, was a haven for seabirds, deer and turtles.
You wade ashore and select either your own secluded spot in one of the bays for a swim or take one of the woodland paths to explore some of the 700 acres of natural forest.

Lunch is served aboard the catamaran at 1pm. It is a splendid feast of salads, venison, fish, cheeses and fruit complemented with wine and an unlimited supply of cold beer and fruit drinks.
When it is time to leave the catamaran noses its way through the mangrove waterway towards the blue water of the lagoon. Sails are raised and the return journey is completed by 5pm.

Some of the larger hotels have their own catamarans and will arrange excursions at the hotel. These also tour the east coast and make L'ile aux Cerfs their destination. Other cruises start at Grand Baie and tour the islands off the northern coast including L'ile Gabriel. All cruises follow the same pattern with opportunities to swim and snorkel, and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch or barbecue.

Mauritius Fishing
Mauritius is a paradise for deep sea fishing. Species include the blue or black marlin, all types of sharks, yellow tuna, the Bonitos, the ‘emperor’, the ‘pélerin’, the ‘bécune’ or the barracuda.
Huge fishes like the Blue Marlin swim these seas and hunt around the island from November to April, and very often until May.

The ocean is 70 metres deep one kilometre away from the coast.

Mauritius holds several world fishing records (IGFA), including that of the mako shark of 1115 pounds, the blue shark of 400 pounds, a bonito of 41.5 pounds, a white tuna of 224 pounds and a ‘bécune’ of 125 pounds. African records (GFUA) mention a yellow tuna of 212 pounds and a white tuna of 224 pounds.

Other specimens recently caught include blue marlins of 1430 and 1355 pounds. Fishing boats can be hired from almost all hotels. The most prestigious deep sea fishing competition is the Marlin World Cup which is hosted in December by La Pirogue Hotel.





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