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Mauritius Activities

 Mauritius activities are diverse in nature, attracting more and more tourists to this tropical island-country. The thrill, fun and frolic associated with the different types of Mauritius activities make vacationing indeed fun, adventurous and memorable.

Beach activities in Mauritius

Prominent among the tourist activities in Mauritius beaches are different types of water sports. The surrounding sea beaches, creeks and backwaters offer ample swimming opportunities to the travelers. Diving is another common activity on Mauritius beaches, for which the visitors mainly crowd the Grand Baie beach to the north of Pamplemousses Gardens. Other popular diving destinations in Mauritius include the Rodrigues Island and the Flic-en-Flac located on the western coast of Mauritius. These are places where the divers enter the exotic world of beautiful coral reefs and explore every nook and corner of the Mauritius under waters, chasing the multi-colored fishes and sea anemones. Scuba diving is also a common tourist activity practiced here.

Snorkeling is a pleasant alternative to scuba diving. Snorkeling allows the tourists to experience the colorful under waters of Mauritius sea and lagoons, moving amidst the sea urchins and unusual corals, irrespective of their ages.

Deep sea fishing attracts those who are adventurous in nature and interested in animal life. Fishing amidst the deep sea waters is popular and easy in the west coast of the island, owing to the swirling sea currents. This swirl helps in creating an environment whereby large fishes are attracted to get baited. In Mauritius, October to April is considered to be the ideal time for deep sea fishing.

Major Tourist Activities in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most coveted golf destinations. Most of the big hotels in Mauritius have first class golf courses. The guests residing in these hotels get ample opportunities for golfing. In fact, increasing popularity of golf has culminated into international tournaments held in Le Morne and Belle Mare Plage.

Trekking and hiking are common tourist activities in the inlands of Mauritius, especially in the nature parks and reserved forest areas. People visiting Mauritius enjoy trekking on Pieter Both Mountain and the summits of Le Morne Peninsular. Strolling on the mountains and coastal regions of Mauritius also generates a sense of adventure and thrill within the travelers.

Shopping is one of the popular tourist activity in Mauritius. The island is an ideal destination for impulsive shoppers. The central markets in the capital city of Port Louis are shopper’s paradise, filling the place with the scent of oriental perfumes and other exotic products.





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